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Home Piano Rentals

Before You Buy

What type of pianos do you rent?
Classic Pianos offers attractive piano rentals from $35.00 per month for spinets and consoles; professional uprights are $45.00 to $55.00; and grand rentals start at $95.00 per month.
How long can I rent a piano from Classic Pianos?
Pianos can be rented up to six (6) months with all of the rental fees applied toward purchase of the piano you're renting, or any other new or used piano in stock.
What if I want to rent longer than six months?
You can rent indefinitely, but only the first six (6) months rental fees will apply toward purchase.
What about piano moving fees?
You are responsible for paying moving for delivery and return at time of rental contract signing.
What is my total cost at the time of signing a rental contract?
Your total cost will include: first monthís rental, plus delivery and return moving fees.
Does it take long or require much paperwork?
No. A simple credit application and a one page rental agreement is all that's involved.