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Steinway & Sons

Nearly-new and Vintage-restored Steinways

Restored Steinway & Sons A

Specializing in Nearly-new and Vintage-restored Steinways, Maurice “Moe” Unis and his fourth generation piano family have a long history of finding the perfect Steinway piano to fit your requirements — home, church, school, studio, concert hall.

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  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Artist & Teacher Commendation

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Restored Steinway B Louis XV

Following an exhaustive search throughout the United States for their “perfect Steinway,” Dr. and Mrs. Berg of San Luis Obispo, California selected the fully-restored Classic Collection Steinway & Sons B Louis XV shown left. Upon their return home, they wrote the following note:

“We cannot say enough about Classic Pianos...their expertise and obvious passion for pianos.”

All Piano Purchases are Protected by our Five-Star Lifetime Trade-Up Policy

“I have known Maurice Unis, and some of his associates, for over twenty-five years. His understanding of technical rebuilding and piano restoration is, in a word, ‘unparalleled.’ The rebuilding of vintage Steinways at Classic Pianos is the finest of any store I’ve ever seen.”

-Mark Westcott, Bronze Metalist, Van Cliburn International Piano Competition (1969)

“Your masterful approach to tuning, voicing, regulating, and restoring heirloom Steinway and Mason & Hamlin grands recalls another bygone era of the Golden Age of Pianos. Your artistic vision is a model of inspiration for the piano connoisseur, virtuoso, student and teacher alike. Bravo!”

— Eric Himy, Gold Medalist, 1988 World Piano Competition in Cincinnati