Consign or Sell
Services Consign or Sell

When you’ve outgrown the piano you’ve grown up with, but you don’t want to toss it out, let us help you sell it to another family who can learn to use it and enjoy it. When a well-maintained piano has served its purpose, it can still maintain much of its value. In such cases, we can arrange to help you consign your piano or we can purchase it from you.

If you choose to consign your piano, we will place your instrument among our selection of other well-maintained previously-owned pianos so another family can be paired with it. Your piano will still be yours until it is sold to another customer.

Alternatively, we can arrange to purchase your piano, directly, and you will not need to wait until the piano is sold to another customer to complete your transaction.

To find out if your piano is eligible for consignment or sale, contact us for an appraisal.