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Reliable Piano Moving & Storage in the Portland Area and Beyond

Don’t risk injury or piano damage — trust experts to move the piano you love

When buying a piano, people often wonder how they’ll move such a valuable and cherished instrument. No matter where you live or how many stairs are involved, we’ll help you figure it out. We entrust our piano moving needs to A to Z Moving of Portland. Licensed, insured, and with years of experience, they are known for their ability to handle any type of piano move — including complex, complicated, and challenging deliveries.

Can I Move My Piano By Myself?

Two reasons why you should leave piano moving to the professionals:

  • Personal Injury:
    Pianos are heavy! They can weigh from a few hundred pounds to 1,000 pounds. Moving a heavy, awkward item is difficult. Bottom line: There’s a high risk for injury if you’re careless or don’t use the right tools to move your piano.
  • Instrument Damage:
    A piano isn’t merely a piece of furniture to move. It’s a sophisticated instrument containing delicate components that are costly to repair. Professional movers know how to maneuver, take apart, and reassemble a piano without damaging your new purchase — or your home.

Your piano is a life-long investment, and it pays to hire experienced piano movers who know what they’re doing.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Piano?

A variety of factors can affect the cost to move a piano, including the:

  • Distance of the move;
  • Type of piano (for example, an upright piano or a grand!) and its size;
  • Number of stairs (inside and out!); and
  • Whether tight turns or narrow doorways must be navigated.

I Need Help Moving My Piano

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Piano Storage

Safe storage options for your piano

We know your piano is a cherished asset. When you need to store it, you can trust A to Z Moving of Portland, knowing your piano is in the hands of moving and storage experts. Their climate-controlled storage facility is clean, well-lighted and insured. Even better, Classic Pianos’ experienced piano technicians are available to tune and service your before it is safely delivered back to you.