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Used Pianos

Used Pianos

All our used acoustic pianos are carefully inspected and brought to maximum playability before they are available for sale. Each of them carries our Five-Star Lifetime Trade-Up Policy. If for any reason, you decide the used piano you purchase isn’t the right one for your needs, or if you choose to upgrade to a different new or used piano, you can trade it back to us. You’ll receive 100% full credit of the original purchase price so long as the next piano purchased is of an equal amount or higher.



The grand pianos listed below are arriving soon, please call 503-239-9969 or contact us with questions:

  • Yamaha GC1 S#6119907 polished Mahogany $13,990 – Mfg in 2005
  • Boston GP163 S#126851 S. Ebony $12,990 – Mfg in 1990s
  • Yamaha G2 S#J3120740 S. Ebony $9,990 – Mfg in 1980
  • Estonia L190 S#6728 S. Ebony $32,500
  • Mason and Hamlin A S#91472 rosewood $32,900 – Mfg in 2002
  • Mason and Hamlin AA S#92487 S. Ebony $34,900 – Mfg in late 2000’s