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Introducing The C-169 Black Pearl Art Collection Model

One of Schimmel’s strengths is its outstanding design of grand and upright pianos. Since its founding, the company has always tried new things. Unusual designs like the legendary glass grand piano have become iconic. But even the less extravagant models receive special attention, not only for their musical qualities but also when it comes to their appearance.

Schimmel’s latest innovation is its new “black super matte” piano lacquer, which gives this instrument a velvety soft appearance and has practical advantages over conventional matte lacquers. For starters, it looks soft, velvety, and is pleasant to the touch, creating an incredible sensory experience. Plus, it’s extremely robust and durable compared to conventional matte lacquers, which get slightly shiny spots in daily use or scratch easily over time. Shiny chrome fittings complete the appearance.

It’s a traditional piano interpreted in a contemporary way.

Ready to see, hear, and play the Black Pearl?

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