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Digital, Silent, Hybrid, and Player Pianos from Yamaha

Expand your possibilities with Yamaha's technology-enhanced pianos!

Yamaha has a long reputation for creating some of the world’s most renowned acoustic pianos while pioneering groundbreaking and advanced technology. In creating innovative instruments that push the boundaries of what’s possible, Yamaha has redefined possibilities for pianists of every level — taking the world of pianos to new heights.

Is a technology-equipped piano right for your home? It may be, especially if you’re looking for ways to enhance your playing, want the freedom to practice anytime without disturbing others, or wish to hear a live piano performance without having to play. Learn about Yamaha’s amazing line of smart pianos below, including the Disklavier player piano, and the Silent, Hybrid, Clavinova digital, and TransAcoustic pianos. Need more info? Contact our piano experts for a free, no-pressure consultation.


Disklavier Pianos

Even if you don’t play, you can enjoy live piano music at home with the touch of a button. A cutting-edge player piano for the 21st Century.


Silent Pianos

When inspiration strikes, the neighbors won’t hear a thing, but you'll experience the sound and presence of the world’s finest concert grands in your headphones.


Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha seamlessly blends groundbreaking digital innovations with its deep acoustic experience to craft a selection of instruments that do things other pianos can’t.


Clavinova Pianos

These digital pianos are so advanced that they are approved and used by players, musicians, and institutions worldwide.


TransAcoustic Pianos

A true acoustic piano that naturally amplifies digital sounds, turning your instrument into the world’s most incredible acoustic speaker, unlike any piano you’ve ever heard.

Buy a piano with confidence thanks to our legendary Five-Star Trade-Up Policy

When you purchase a piano from Classic Pianos, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility to trade it in and receive a store credit to be applied to a new, in-stock piano of equal or greater value. The amount of your trade-in value and the length of your policy are determined by the piano you purchase:

  • Acoustic Pianos — Lifetime 100% Trade-up Policy: At any point, trade in your model to receive a store credit for 100% of your original purchase.
  • Digital Pianos — Two & Five Year 100% Trade-up Policy: Within two years of your piano’s date of purchase, trade it in for a 100% store credit on any piano of greater value. Within five years of your piano’s date of purchase, trade it in for a 100% store credit on any piano double in value.
  • Player & Silent Pianos — Lifetime 70% Trade-up Policy: At any point, trade in your acoustic piano with a player or silent system and receive a store credit for 70% of your original purchase.

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